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How to Design the Perfect Guest Room

2020/10/05 | by Hotel Furniture

Important Features of Guestroom Design as Explained by an Expert

By: Monique Farley, Lead Design Project Manager at HF

Whether traveling for leisure or for business, it is safe to say all guests look forward to quality, eye-catching interior design in a space away from their home. The interior design is your first impression, and it starts long before the client even sets foot in your hotel.

Before guests experience your guest rooms, they view the property photos online that showcase the interiors and exteriors of your properties. They read online reviews that speak to your interior design and how the hotel appears. The interior design of your hotel serves to create impressions at every step of your marketing strategy. So why not take the time to invest in quality guest room design?

Public spaces in hotels receive a lot of attention; but, with COVID-19 making its mark, it’s no longer just about public spaces. Guests are seeking a contactless, socially distanced experience which means being able to escape to a clean, sanitized, yet comfortable room.

Let’s turn our attention to guest room design. This is the pinnacle of all hotel experiences.

No matter how great your public space, if your guest rooms are poorly designed, the client experience has been compromised. A major benefit of being a part of a hotel brand is having access to their pre-approved interior design packages. Having a signature brand design aesthetic is a way to separate yourself from your competitors. Your guests know when they book with your specific brand they are already receiving a high-quality design standard.

New brand pre-approved interior design packages are released roughly every 5-7 years. These are researched by your corporate offices’ brand teams pinpointing the needs of that specific brand’s target or ideal clientele. One thing to keep in mind is that the needs of your guests change over time and those desires need to be reflected through the interior design. This can include technological needs (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AppleTV, GooglePlay), health advancements (think antimicrobial surfaces or sealants), room layouts/configurations, lighting (better aid in client sleep patterns), design features, and more. Factor this in with the changes in design trends and guest room redesigns or renovations that will be needed.

Now that we understand the importance of interior design within your hotel and brand pre-approved interior design packages, here are three important areas to focus on within the guest room:

  1. Lighting - Having the right balance between outdoor natural lighting and indoor ambient lighting during the day can make or break the guest room experience. The right mix of indoor ambient lighting paired with accent and task lighting as your guest interacts with the space from day to night is also important. Lighting can give the illusion of a larger space or smaller space. Lighting can give the appearance of a cleaner room versus not so clean room. Lighting is very important!
  2. Flooring - The base of every room, flooring has a dual purpose. It grounds your design but it can also be time-consuming for the cleaning staff to clean. The conversations of Luxury Vinyl Tile versus Carpet or Carpet Tile. Due to the industry's heightened awareness of cleanliness due to COVID-19, a recommendation would be LVT and Carpet Tiles. LVT has built-in antimicrobial features while carpet tiles are easy to clean and replace.
  3. Signature Accent or Feature - Every guest room should have an architectural feature or accent. Whether you have a mural wall, unique full-length mirror, sliding barn door, frosted glass door in your guest bathroom, or a custom art collection every guestroom design should come with a signature accent or feature. This is where your brand’s personality comes through to separate you from the competition.

To read about color theory and why it’s important in guest rooms, click here.

The guest room design process is one with a direct ROI. Embracing the opportunity to delight your guests in a new way while being able to reintroduce yourself to your guests as more interior design-focused is a win-win for everyone! So the next time you receive a PIP or make the decision to embark on a full guestroom renovation, get excited!

If you would like to see your brand flag designs in clear, 3D renderings, request a free demo here or email us at hello@hotelfurniture.com to learn more.

HotelFurniture.com’s Lead Design Project Manager, Monique Farley, understands hotel design and what is most important to consider during renovations and new builds. With ample experience working on a number of hotel design projects, she has the expertise to explain why design is so important in your guest rooms and how you can use it to create the customer experience you want to provide.

Feature Image by Pixabay.


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