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The Key To Saving Money on Guest Room Renovations

2020/11/16 | by Hotel Furniture

Hotel renovations and new builds are stressful for a number of reasons, but the biggest hurdle has got to be the cost. Nobody likes spending a fortune on renovations, but they’re important to maintaining the quality of experience you can offer to your guests. We’re here to tell you how to keep the quality but save some money along the way.

Most cost-saving guides will tell you to stay on top of your project, research vendors and manufacturers thoroughly, maintain open communication between all partners, and again, stay on top of your project. Staying on top of your project means reminding contractors of deadlines, checking in regularly with everybody, and hosting regular meetings to coordinate.

However, the ultimate way to save time (and therefore money) is to outsource this massive workload to a project management company. They will create a design, get brand-approval, find the best vendors and manufacturers, organize shipment, deal with surprise challenges, and most importantly organize and coordinate all of these efforts for you so that you can focus on running your hotel.

Traditional project management companies work with design firms to create a design before getting brand approval. This process can take weeks or even months. Instead,  HotelFurniture.com offers a choice of design schemes that have been developed already according to brand standards and using brand-approved vendors and manufacturers. This way the design is ready immediately and approval is guaranteed.

Why haven’t we always done it this way if it’s so much better? Because nobody was offering this service before.

Through our online platform, you can choose a design scheme, view your rooms through an interactive 3D rendering, and customize the design to your liking using pre-approved items before making any commitments. We will then manage the brand-approval process for you, contact vendors and manufacturers, and manage the shipment. All of this means countless hours of your time saved and a faster, more efficient renovation process.

Let’s walk through the process, one step at a time:


The traditional design process is done through a contractor or in-house design team. They develop mood boards and sketches for you, the hotel owner, to give your input on until they create a design you like. This process can take between 8 and 12 weeks.

With HotelFurniture.com, you can choose from a pre-set, pre-approved design scheme developed by our design team in close communication with your parent brand. You can choose which template you prefer based on the color scheme and design, but the concepts are already developed in cooperation with brand standards. This can be done in minutes.


The traditional design process requires you or a contractor to source multiple contacts, portals, and quotes in order to find the best product and price for your project. This takes several weeks of research and inquiry.

With HotelFurniture.com, you can select the items you want, get a quote, and place your order all in one place. Our designers will also check your PIP (if applicable) and floorplan to ensure that the items you chose will meet your brand requirements and fit beautifully into your space. This entire process takes only one week.


After working with several vendors, contractors, and designers, you’ll have to submit your project for brand approval, a process that can take days to weeks.

Through HotelFurniture.com, we’ll submit the design for you. Because we’ve worked closely with your brand from the very beginning, using a pre-approved design scheme and double-checking with your PIP and floorplan, brand approval will be no problem.


Having run the project yourself or through a contractor, the order and delivery process requires complicated coordination among multiple vendors. This process takes weeks.

With HotelFurniture.com, we’ll handle the order and delivery all in one place and we’ll have it done in a matter of days.

Typically, this project would have taken 12.5 - 16.5 weeks. By using HotelFurniture.com, you have cut that down to 2.5 - 6.5 weeks.

Of course, you can choose to do the design, contract work, and management yourself which may save you money. However, aside from the increased demand on your schedule, you’re more likely to run into unexpected costs when running a project yourself. Some of the most common unforeseen expenses include: choosing an inexperienced hospitality furniture manufacturer, material choices, falling behind schedule, and inadequate furniture packaging and labeling. Using HotelFurniture.com will allow you to benefit from the experience of others in order to avoid these pitfalls.

Check out a free demo or contact our excellent customer service team at hello@hotelfurniture.com to find out if HotelFurniture.com is the right choice for your next renovation or new build.

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