Danna Dunnage the President of HotelFurniture.com

Danna Dunnage


Our fearless leader has spent over two decades in the hospitality industry and brings that knowledge and those relationships to Hotel Furniture.

She’s proud to have built a specialized team so that customers get the best quality and result from every project, while she strategically focuses on building a business that continues to amaze hoteliers, and exceed expectations.

Learn more about Danna’s experience and vision here.

Mandi Tai the VP of Finance at HotelFurniture.com

Mandy Tai, CPA, CMA

VP of Finance

Mandy ensures we have the right resources we need for our company to thrive and to deliver on its promises to our customers. Her financial leadership and support allows us to strategically grow and have reliable forecasting and long-term planning. Integrating herself into HF allows her to develop, promote and monitor a culture of efficiency, results and customer-oriented services.

Finley Saint the Business Development Representative at HotelFurniture.com

Finley Saint

Business Development Representative

Finley loves working with clients to understand their needs and wants. Most importantly, he values the relationship he builds. He puts himself in the clients' shoes to get a good understanding of the project at hand and provides them with solutions to streamline their planned project while saving cost. He wants to help take the weight off the clients' shoulders to make sure they feel comfortable and excited about their project.

You can read more about Finley and his role at HF here.

Ashleigh Baker the Director of Marketing at HotelFurniture.com

Ashleigh Baker

Director of Marketing

Not your traditional marketer, Ash doesn’t believe in selling people something they don’t want. Hailing from Australia, she has a background in a number of international markets and knows different people have different wants and needs. Her goal is for Hotel Furniture to share useful information, resources and insights to the industry, so we can all grow, together.

You can read more about Ashleigh’s marketing experience and strategy here.

Monique Farley the Director of Design and Procurement at HotelFurniture.com

Monique Farley

Director of Design and Procurement

Having worked at the brand flag level before, Monique knows exactly what a project needs to succeed and what it means to get brand approval.

She takes the worry out of analyzing your floorplans, your PIPs, and your brand submission. 

Read more about Monique's experience and her role at HF here.

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Aja Randle

AutoCAD and 3D Design Technician

Aja Randle is our AutoCAD and 3D Design technician, bringing over four years of design experience to the company and ensuring that all of your design needs are met.

Nico Ford the Customer Experience Lead at HotelFurniture.com

Nico Ford

Customer Experience Lead

You can count on Nico to be there for you throughout your projects with Hotel Furniture and ensure that your needs are met. As an advocate and lifelong devotee to delivering delightful experiences, she’s an exceptional communicator and resourceful problem solver who will make every interaction you have with us a great one. You can read more about Nico and her approach to customer experience here.

Negar Amiri the Product Owner at HotelFurniture.com

Negar Amiri

Product Owner

Negar is a customer advocate, communicator, and bonafide problem-solver. You can talk about how she has an education in marketing and five years of relevant work experience under her belt, but she'd say the most interesting part about her is her passion for fast-paced startups where she can test new ideas and continuously challenge herself to build quality, desirable products. You can read more about Negar’s experience and strategy here.

Jen Parente the Head of People Operations at HotelFurniture.com

Jen Parente

People Operations

We are committed to making HF a great place to work. As a people-first organization, we are passionate about providing our team with engaging and fulfilling work.

Jen ensures that the team receives the support and resources required to keep them engaged so that they can develop their professional and personal lives, allowing them to continue bringing exceptional experiences to HF’s customers.

Julie Blackburn the Talent Acquisition Specialist at HotelFurniture.com

Julie Blackburn

Talent Acquisition

With a people-first approach to building high-performing teams, Julie ensures that the HF team is the best in the business.

A collaborator by nature, she supports the team by finding, hiring, and developing this amazing group of people to help set the stage for achieving greatness as a collective.

HF Headshots

Phoebe Chou

Social Media & Content Marketing Lead

Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, HF blog page, YouTube… These are a few of the places where you’ll see Phoebe put out content for HotelFurniture.com! Driven by her passion for social media, Phoebe enjoys curating captivating social content for businesses. Her goal is to help Hotel Furniture bridge connections with hoteliers and foster lasting online relationships through curating informative, fun, and engaging content for our social followers.

Jay HF Headshots-SQ

Jay Chan

People Operations Coordinator

Powered by her innate fascination with understanding human interaction and motivation, Jay is your go-to person at HF for anything related to People and Culture. She values diversity in both people and ideas. Empathetic and highly organized, she is committed to providing exceptional experiences to the team and creative solutions to their problems.