Why Hotel Furniture?

We believe there is a more efficient way of doing things.

Our vision is to amaze hoteliers by innovating the design and procurement process, at scale. Our mission is to provide a fresh, all-in-one digital solution for the design and FF&E procurement process - offering hoteliers convenience and efficiencies.

Who does Hotel Furniture serve?

Hotel owners, managers, and the franchisees of mainstream hotel brands. We’re excited to show you what’s possible when smart technology meets responsive customer service. We want to work with all major hotel brands (Choice, Hilton, IHG and Marriott) and continue to add new brand flags regularly.

How does it work?

Have a guest room renovation or new build? We help expedite your design timelines and arrange all your FF&E procurement and delivery.

With our builder, you can take the guesswork out of what your designs will look like. Simply choose your brand flag and populate its approved designs and vendors, then see what your guest rooms will look like in 3D colour and get an estimated quote. Once you choose to move forward with your project, our designer will cross-check your floorplans, submit to the brand for approval, and work through any questions you may have.

With the HF Marketplace, you can self-serve and receive a preliminary quote within minutes. Simply search for the products that you need and add them to your shopping cart. Once you move forward with your cart, we’ll check your Property Improvement Plan (if relevant) and send you a final quote.

From there, you can get back to the running of your hotel as we procure your items, and organize and track your delivery.

Can you please show me how to use the platform or build my project with me?

Yes! Definitely. We want you to have an exceptional experience with us and don’t want you to feel rushed into doing your renovation through our platform.

Do you do common spaces like a gym or lobby, with your solution?

Yes we do!

Is this brand-approved?

Yes! Everything is brand-approved, from the design schemes to the vendors.

What do you supply?

We supply all the guest room design and all FF&E needs for your guest rooms - casegoods, window coverings, soft goods, art, mirrors, and all flooring needs.

Where do you operate?

We currently serve the North American market, but we’re always open to other opportunities. Please contact us at hello@hotelfurniture.com and tell us about your project. We’d love to hear from you.

What technology do I need to use Hotel Furniture?

An internet connection and a web browser. You can access our tools on any online device, including smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

How and when do I pay?

There is nothing to pay upfront or in order to access your preliminary quote with all required products and a 3D design rendering for each room type. If you choose to proceed to a final quote, you will be charged a design fee for our team to review your project and produce your guaranteed quote. That fee will be applied as a credit to your overall project costs. Once you sign off on the quote and choose to move forward to brand submission, a 50% deposit on goods will be required, and the remaining 50% plus taxes and freight will be required prior to delivery. There are no hidden costs associated with using the design platform.

We accept many forms of payment, such as cheque, ACH direct deposit and wire transfer, which will be collected as above, throughout the design, procurement and delivery process.

Are you a manufacturer?

No, we’re not. We procure from brand-approved vendors for all items and show hotels their room designs in 3D. If an order is placed, we purchase and manage the supply chain, track the order and coordinate all related deliveries for our customers. 

Where are your products manufactured?

The items we currently have on our platform are all procured from vendors within North America. We offer options originating from various international sources and only source brand-approved products.